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Aluminium balustrades are known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand extreme weather conditions with little or no damage at all. Nowadays, we tend to focus a lot on the aesthetics and feel of all the materials and structures we add to our home and the surrounding areas. Aluminium balustrades meet all of these requirements and more! Melbourne, given its coastal proximity, needs a strong alternative to stand tall against the ever-changing climate, and Melbourne Glass Balustrades promises just the same!

We are the leading suppliers of aluminium balustrades Melbourne-wide. We have a range of products for you in varied shapes and sizes. We have multiple aluminium balustrade system installations available for you to choose from.

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Why Install Aluminium Balustrades?

  • Customisable

In today’s world, customisation is the key. Our team offers you customised aluminium balustrade installation for your space with a specific size, shape, and thickness that matches your requirements.

  • Aesthetic

Aesthetics are non-negotiable, aren’t they? At Melbourne Glass Balustrades, we have a wide range of aluminium balustrades. You can select the structure and design that go well with your place and surrounding decor.

  • Long-lasting

Aluminium balustrades do not perish in the face of bad weather and rough usage. They are sturdy and strong in nature, making them a very preferable alternative to many other products that serve similar purposes.

  • Easy To Maintain 

One more reason to say yes to aluminium balustrades Melbourne-wide: they are low maintenance. A simple wipe through its surface is enough to keep them clean and dust-free. And as they are corrosion-resistant, you do not need to go above and beyond to maintain them.

Aluminium balustrade Melbourne comes with many more benefits. They are an ideal incorporation for every environment and to fulfil security needs.

Custom Aluminium Balustrades in Melbourne

Types of Aluminium Balustrades in Melbourne

  • Visor 

Want to maintain the simplicity and minimalistic approach? Visor Balustrade is your best option. It is very functional and does not require welding. It comes in different styles and matte finishes to complement your traditional or modern decor. Do not overlook Visor if you are searching for something simple, sturdy, and aesthetic.

  • Barr 

Looking for something modern and unique to enhance your living space? Barr balustrades are what you are looking for. Along with easy installation, they provide additional safety against external forces. They are strong, functional, and fancy—a combination you cannot simply pass on!

  • AIRE

Going for a renovation or building something new? AIRE balustrades, a non-weld technology, will fulfil your needs completely. They provide a complete aluminium balustrade structure that is versatile and robust. Its designs and style give a new, refined look to your space, making it admirable and safe.

  • Premium Perf

Need a complete makeover for your space? Premium Perf balustrades, the aluminium punched perforated infill panels, will be perfect for you. It is the best alternative to glass because it is modern, safe, and corrosion-resistant. They are shatterproof, and the winds can easily pass through the perforated holes for better ventilation.

Install Aluminium Balustrades across Melbourne

It is difficult to come across a product that does not only add functionality to your place but is also aesthetically pleasing and provides safety too. Aluminium balustrades in Melbourne can serve all these purposes with many more features. Experts at Melbourne Glass Balustrades will help you with the selection as well as the installation process and will cover the maintenance measures too, to avoid any mishaps or damages.

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