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Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade Fencing

Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade Fencing

It can be difficult to identify the differences between frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrade fencing. Despite similarities in visual appearance, there are a number of significant differences that can be seen upon closer inspection. The experts at Melbourne Glass Balustrades have put together this helpful blog to explain what some of these differences are so that you can make a more informed decision.

Frameless Glass

Constructed using stainless steel and glass, a frameless glass balustrade can be identified by the use of glass as a structurally significant component and the absence of a separate structure such as stainless steel posts that support the handrail. Because they are suspended, lack any posts between them, and offer a clear view, a frameless glass balustrade can be a more aesthetically pleasing option than semi-frameless designs. For this reason, frameless glass balustrades are more highly sought after by customers who can afford to spend a little extra.

Semi-Frameless Glass

A semi-frameless glass balustrade is a more affordable solution that is constructed using stainless steel or aluminium with glass infill panels. Unlike frameless configurations that use glass, semi-frameless glass balustrades use stainless steel or aluminium powder coated posts as the main supporting structure. As a result, the glass used is thinner and lighter due to the fact that it does not serve as an important structural component.

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