Transform Your Property with Glass Balustrading

Transform Your Property with Glass Balustrading

There are hundreds of small decisions that have to be made when renovating a home from scratch. All of these little design choices can add up to create a look that suits your specific tastes and preferences. Sometimes, however, you can choose two things you really like during the planning process only to find that they clash horribly. Fortunately, glass balustrades such as those from Melbourne Glass Balustrades are a safe, stylish and practical choice that will suit all styles.

Choosing a Style: Frame, Frameless or Semi Frameless

Glass balustrades aren’t simply one-size-fits-all. At Melbourne Glass Balustrades, we offer a range of options to choose from in various frame styles:

  • Channel systems are in-ground panels that are fitted into a steel channel. These are perfect for pool fencing as they offer excellent strength and security.
  • Semi frameless systems have similar benefits while maintaining the sleek appearance of a frameless glass balustrade, making them ideal for decks and balconies.
  • Frameless options combine elegance with durability. They are ideal for pool areas and staircases where they can avoid making an area feel closed off.


Safety is always a priority, especially when you have children in a home. Glass balustrades are sturdy and can be used to provide additional safety around a balcony, deck, staircase or pool, helping to keep children in or out depending on your needs.

Glass is far safer than most people realise. In recent years, it has become sturdier and therefore more versatile than ever before. It no longer shatters easily and can withstand quite a bit of pressure. The close-together panels of glass balustrading also eliminate the risk of small pets falling through, or children attempting to climb through or around.

Advantages over Wood and Metal

The main advantage glass has over a wooden or metal balustrade is its appearance. Outside, glass allows light in while keeping the wind out, while indoors, glass can add a sleek and modern finish to any room, regardless of other style choices. It doesn’t clash with colours and can even provide an attractive finish to an older style room.

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