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Stainless Steel & Glass Handrails in Melbourne

Are you looking for some modern and sleek handrails for your Melbourne property? With over a decade of experience, Melbourne Glass Balustrades excel at providing professional services for clients seeking staircase railings for a home to large commercial possessions. We provide custom handrails for stairs that make moving around easy for the clients and ensure the handrail design we propose fits in with the aesthetic.

Elevate Your Home and Office’s Style with Varied Types of Stair Handrails

Indoor or outdoor handrails in Melbourne come in different materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, and glass. Following are the options for wall-mounted and integrated railings for property owners.

Mounted Handrail

As a replacement for integrated railings, you can opt for internal and external mounted handrails as the most suitable applications. The mounted handrails are attractive and have a powder coating to have an anti-rust surface. The prominent feature it offers is to help elderly and differently-abled people to move up or downstairs safely. One should consider these quick and easy-to-clean railings as they offer multiple applications with sturdy looks.

Integrated Handrail

The integrated railings run along the spindles and create a part of the balustrade with an alternative of grooved or ungrooved style. Ungrooved integrated handrails come with glass panels and metal spindle options for you to choose from. Integrated railings are crucial because they provide a level of safety to an area, restricting access and providing a point of stability for those on their way up or down.

Benefits of Installing Accessible Handrails for Melbourne Properties

There are many benefits to having stairs and railings at your home or corporate building. They can add safety to prevent falls and injuries, beauty to enhance the look of interiors or exteriors and add value to your property. Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in stairs and railings:

  • Effectively make the walkways and steps safe
  • Practically acts as an asset for properties with indoor or outdoor ramps or stairs
  • Helpful when you have to carry heavy objects
  • Safest option during unfavourable weather conditions

According to Disability Discrimination Act, all public places such as Government offices, schools and commercial establishments must have DDA-compliant ramps having handrails as a safety feature.

Safety Features of Stairs and Handrails

When it comes to home safety, stairs and handrails are often overlooked. However, they are one of the vital aspects of your home or commercial property’s design. Let’s look at the safety features of decking handrails and why you should consider them:

  • The first thing that matters is the material of your balustrades. You can choose from numerous options, but some are safer than others. For example, metal handrails can rust, while glass railings are more durable alternatives.
  • Another crucial safety feature to consider is the height of your railings. If they are too low, people may trip over them. If they are too high, people may have difficulty reaching them. The best way to determine the ideal height for handrail is to hire a professional who can work on accurate measurements for you.

By taking into account these two factors, material and height, you can choose the safest possible option for your staircase.

Our Experience in the Industry

We are one of the leading suppliers of glass, aluminium and stainless steel railings for stairs of residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Melbourne. We use high-quality tempered glass to make our railing systems ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications. Select from our range of designs, or send us your preferences and our experts will customise handrails to complement the aesthetic of your property.

If you’re considering adding stairs or railings to your home, you may be wondering what benefits they can offer. If you’re not sure whether or not to add handrails to your home, talk to our professionals. They’ll help you assess your needs and determine whether or not your preferences can address your concern about installing the railings.

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